Review for A Promise to Keep

A Promise to Keep

(#) Entilzah 2007-02-13

Wooo.... not to much to critize on this! Very well done, and an excellent picture painted. I definitely feel for Tsunade's delimma... doing what is Correct (ANBU) or what is Right (letting Naruto handle it).

The Sakura/Lee scene, while a little abrupt, was very well done. But then again... I like my seductions drawn out a bit! Which Lee, of course, would NEVER do!

Well done

Author's response

The Sakura/Lee scene actually started out longer. I'm of the same mindset as you. But when I proofed the story that part just didn't sound right. Lee's far too proper for what I had written before. (Nothing raunchy, he's just not a demanding person.) And I didn't want things to get carried away because of their location and the respect it requires.