Review for The Lucky And The Equally Unlucky

The Lucky And The Equally Unlucky

(#) MyVengefulRomance 2007-02-13

I read this again. I had to. I was too hyper to properly comment on this yesterday. I got sad after reading this. There are just this tiny, unimportant details you include that make this story amazing. Gorgeous. Beautiful. I could go on and on. I'm putting this on my favorites. But, there was one line where I giggled. That one where Frank was imagining Gerard telling him about coming back and eating him? That made me smile. You have such talent. For Christ's sake, woman, sit your ass down, pull out your pencil and paper, and write a damn book! And then find a publisher. I'll be your manager. (Pretend I'm not 14.) I'd buy ANY book you write. Even if it was about the founding of America. 'Cause you'd find a way to make it interesting. I applaud you, and you need to update 'Anatomy'. Great job.

P.S- Marry me?

Author's response

Oh, how I love you to death. But not literally; because if you died, well... it would way too tragic for my poor young heart.

Thank you so much for your awesome reviews. I love you, and would totally marry you!