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The Power

(#) Regress13 2007-02-15

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God I love your cocky but apathetic Harry's personality! He's... my hero.

Hehe, I'm LOVING your work with this fanfiction so far, and I can't wait for more of it! I can just see Harry handing in homework assignments to McGonagall that are written in his exact same concise style, but with the font like 3-4X larger, or something equally purposeless to fill the extra space. Somehow it just smacks of something he would do, it'd techincally fulfil the literal requirements of the rule, even while stomping all over the spirit of the rule. The interactions between Harry and Ron are absolutely hilarious too, I don't think I've ever read a line that made me laugh as hard as Harry's mental comment, 'You are a maroon'.

Anyway, enough ego stroking. Your a great writer and I'm going to be waiting anxiously for more of your work. I'm honestly trying to find a criticism for your work with this fic just to make this a more honest and well rounded review... but I'm not going to bother because I haven't the hour to spare for hunting through it to find a spelling mistake that the spell checker missed. 'Cause I think that's about the only thing wrong with this fanfic that I'd find.

Author's response

You are right.

I am perfect.

Thanks for the review.