Review for Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn

Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn

(#) Nautilus 2007-02-16

nice story so far, and what a wonderful surprise with the timetravel twist... congrats... i hope to see more of this soon. i was really hoping for a Harry/cissa fic for a long timee. and i mean a proper harry/cissa fic, and this might just be it.... would like to see how you develop the relationship further and what harris intends to do now in this world...

what of lily and james....

have you read one of Kingfire's fics, where harry is kidnapped by voldy and is constantly tortured, where Cissa helps him heal (in every sense of the word)... i really do like the fic, and was hoping for a similar relationship, where both harry and cissa will bring something to the table... where cissa has and will always be neutral, but will help how she loves.

anyway, i look forward to see where you take is, congrats and upadte soon.

Author's response

Yes, I'm a big fan of Kinsfire's fics, they are always so... stimulating, yeah that's the word stimulating. But don't think this Narcissa will be anything like his, and she definitely doesn't like being called Cissa. BJH