Review for Swear I'll Shake it up If You Swear to Listen

Swear I'll Shake it up If You Swear to Listen

(#) rgiddles 2007-02-16

hey dude... 12 pts okidoki here we go:

1. ITS MIKE!!! mikety mike mike mike.. my mike... BAD MKE VERY BAD MIKE...and bad siobhan... in my mind... ITS MORE HER FAULT :P... nt mikes as much... she LIEEEDDD... kinda 75/25! and mike duznt "squeak!" lol Siobhan is a superdy-duperty-onehundredpercent-queen-bitch!

2. "What the fuck are you doing? Or should I ask, WHO?!" i luvv dis line... its like sooo me lol.. even though she sed it 2 mike... i still luvs it!

3./"We were on a break," / FRIENDS ross and rachel flashback looolll!!!!wat is it with guys hu fuck around wen ur on a break.... do they get wat the words mean???

4. aww ryan is so sweet as well sayin he'll be there to tlk and stuff (kinda 'minds me o summit else 2 !)

5. cookie dough... not chocolate!!! u promised chocolate jj! :( i was all ready with my SPECIAL review and it wasnt there :(((

6. the nightmare before christmas... i wonder y u used that movie... rotflmao!

7. they danced... dancetydancedancedance.. it was "time to dance" !?! get it!?! lol im soo gr8 at jokes!

8. i luvs randomipod songs they RULEZZZZZZZZZZ


10. take it ur likein infinity on high then huh? me meh nt so much random ans SO interesting fact there!

11./getting over people that didn't really mean much in the first place, but once they're gone, it hurts more than you think. I guess the saying's true: anything is better than to be alone."/nutha one 4 ya " id rather feel pain than nuthin' at all" pain- three days grace its off one x and its true.. both cuz its wen u realise ur alone that evrythin hits u in 1 and u dunno where to turn cuz theres no1 there...

12.(12 ppl!) i want ICECREAMMMMMMMMMMM... chocolate pref.:D?

i luv this chapp jj i really do. it really shows evry1 for themselves ya no? gr8 ritin seriously... no shit fuckin awesum! mores always a good thing though innocent smile hey wait...scratch the last.. im in no way iinnocent (insert images here!)

Author's response

omg, u managed 12 points! i am impressed! tis mike, and mike is BAD! she is... exactly what u said! lol. u think its sooo u? thats freaky, u gotta admit! SO FRIENDS!! but in his defence (dunno why im defending him) she didnt ACTUALLY say they were on a break. and guys are thick so u know. ryan is sweet, in real life he seems sweet. well, they all r actually! OMG - i cant believe i forgot about the chocolate!!! im changing it, maybe. o yeah, i had 2 put that film in. yes, they danced! random songs r great. YES - THEY BROKE UP. i said at the beginning that people will like it! o yeh, loving the album, lol!! always listening 2 it. that is true, very true. lol, i dont have any choc on me at the mo, sorry! i got vanilla? not the same... yay, thanku so much! i cant believe that u/people actually LIKE it!! yeh, scratch that last!!! lol :DDD u love me really