Review for Black Vengeance

Black Vengeance

(#) Black_s_Phoenix 2007-02-18

Not bad, and I still vote for Harry/Cho and I will say this... if you the author are not comfortable with Harry/Hermione then do not write them together. It is essential for the author to be comfortable with the pairing first and formost, so keep that in mind.

Author's response

Thanks for the opinions on the ship, and I take the point that Harry/Hermione is very common. It is not that I am uncomfortable with the Harry/Hermione ship, but the point made by many of my reviewers that this ship is extremely common is pretty valid - I have not read a good Harry/Cho ship in quite some time. Nevertheless, as I promised, I would like to leave the ship to my readers, and so I am going to leave the poll open until I come to chapter 11 (when I will have to declare the ship, so to speak).

Thanks for the encouragement, and thanks for reading and reviewing.