Review for Demons Within Me

Demons Within Me

(#) NuuoaEclaire 2006-05-18

Once again I liked it a lot. Haha, when I was reading the car ride I was sleepy and then I could just imagine Herry's driving experience and I jolted. (Also being tired made me look at the title and think it was my story, "Awake and Dreaming". "Awake in a Dream". It was quite funny actually. And yes reviews always help with updates so... YAY for 'Demons Within Me'. I can't wait.

Author's response

Thank you. Haha, glad I had that reaction on you, and that I could (possibly?) draw you into the story so that you jolt along with Herry. Oh no- I'm sorry I nearly copied your title- I had no idea until you just pointed it out XD And thank you for the support- it's really appreciated! ~Demenior