Review for Falter


(#) GwenMerlon 2007-02-19

Um, can you say AMAZING? Because I certainly can... As well as "leaving one hanging" and "Update soon".

Anyway, the bathroom scene... shiver Wow. I almost died when Patrick told Peyton he didn't like Oliver then went on about fire hazards. That was priceless. Seriously.

And the creepy way Oliver whispered in Peyton's ear about talking later then being all mad in the car. What is up with that? I mean, clearly the guy is crazy, but wow. Talk about a 360. I mean, wasn't it just two chapters ago that I thought Patrick needed to step up his game because Oliver was just too cute?

Anyway, this was AMAZING, you seriously left me hanging and you need to update soon!!! (see, I can say all those words quite well)

Author's response

Lol Your reviews make me want to tell you everything that is coming up..but I can't AHHH lol And I had to make you love Oliver before you saw who he really was...he was a really good facade going on..and I like him even more now LOL and I like the way you put in there the Update Soon and stuff..