Review for Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn

Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn

(#) am12 2007-02-20


The discussion of causality with Albus was entertaining. However, should there not have been at least the pretense of calling it self-defense? Or at least defense of Narcissa?

And also - just what happened w.r.t. the Chamber of Secrets? Without Harry around, I would expect that to end in the death of Ginny. If that did _not_ happen, then Harry has a horcrux to deal with, and a live Basilisk.

But even more importantly, he could go up to the sorting hat and remove the Sword of Gryffindor. That, possibly, I can see causing Albus to trust him. Or at least trust him a bit more.

The question of Sirius also remains. So far, Harry seems to be assuming that the _only_ difference between this world and his, is the death of young Harry in this one. He needs to find out, PDQ, if that is the case or not. Therefore, he should not simply _assume_ that Sirius is innocent here, as he was in the other universe. If Sirius is in fact innocent, then you need a very convincing story, since James and He were like brothers, I would not expect to have James just let him rot there without even visiting him once, and ensuring that a trial took place.

I do look forward to some Snape bashing in this story. I am sure it will take place, the question is merely when.

Hmm, Harry's first encounter with Dobby will also be quite something.


Author's response

Actually, the pretense of self-defense was used with the Aurors. Harry isn't bothering to waste time with that facade with Albus.

Your questions about the CoS are valid and will be addressed in future chapters, as will any unanticipated differences with Sirius. BJH