Review for Forever Feels Like Home

Forever Feels Like Home

(#) FrostedGlass 2007-02-21

You know that I love 'I remember' to the extreme. Despite my stupid previous worries, this sequel does do it justice, CeCe.

I rated this exciting because to me, Izzy and Pete belong together and I am wondering how or maybe even IF that will happen. Yet, there is this tension between Patrick and Izzy that goes beyong friendship in my point of view, so I am psyched to learn what will happen in that department.
And this JB kid... This all smells like trouble to me. And the smell of trouble must equal the one, the only DRAMA!

An amazing way to kick off the story. I can't wait for the next update, Smoocherella.

P.S.: Besides the interesting character constellation your wonderfully flowing narrative style did not escape me. I am still in love with the way the kids interact(ed).

Author's response

This story will definitely be filled with DRAMA to the max. It's what I do best.

JB is based off of my favorite baseball player in order to get my baseball fix since the season doesn't start till April and I think I'm going madd!

Thanks for the wonderful review. You are my most loyal fan to 'I Remember' so it is extremely important that you like this Sequel.