Review for Learning to Love Again

Learning to Love Again

(#) FrostedGlass 2007-02-21

Silence. It bothers most people. It's human nature to squirm in silence. It took her years to be able to accept silence in her office, but now that she does, she basks in it. Silence allows people to think. Silence allows them to accept. Silence allows them to talk. -> Thank you for that. I tend to forget. :)


1) I think the choice of narrator is perfect. ;)
2) Perfect chapter title.
3) Amazing description of the home life of the Stumps. (Wow, that name sounds even funnier when used in plural.) The kids, the situations: so real.
4) I love the way Sue notes down what she sees. (Kudos to Cece perhaps?)

This looks like a grand undertaking to me and if there's somebody who is fit for that, it's Britain. I have faith and expectations and both will be fulfilled.

With a cherry point on top. :)

Author's response

CeCe wrote that, it's amazing huh? But I'm taking kudos for numero vier