Review for A Promise to Keep

A Promise to Keep

(#) Entilzah 2007-02-23



Oh. Wow.

There is only one bad thing that I can say about this story. And that it is at an end. This was absolutely amazing.

The final fight scene? I couldn't look away (though "it's just a flesh wound" did go through my head once). Hinata being the one to finally take him down? Totally appropriate. The final graveyard scene? Poignant and totally in character. The "coronation"? I felt pride along with all his mentors and friend.

You have created a wonderful piece here, and should be very proud of it. Even though I know nothing at all of Final Fantasy, I am tempted to read your next work anyway just to follow you work.

Excellent job.

Author's response

That means sooooo much to me! No, really. You have no idea how thrilled I am to hear you say that. You just gave me the a great birthday present! Yep, today's my birthday! :)

I'll be back with more stoties; make no mistake about that! ;)