Review for To Fight the Coming Darkness

To Fight the Coming Darkness

(#) DrT 2006-05-20

Oh, I REALLY like the ending of this chapter. Bravo, Ghostly Percy! Did Dobby set all this in motion, or was he relaying a message from Dumbledore? Who knows, maybe even Ginny can be redeemed now, unless she's stupid enough to blame Harry/Dumbledore/Percy instead of realizing that Penny was playing her.

Harry's retort to Hermione was very well done. Somehow, I doubt any professor would use the line on a student, however -- although they might make reference to a shovel


Author's response

You'll find out next chapter how Percy blew the whistle. Ginny's not that stupid. She really has had a rough month though! I'm sure Professor Vector paraphrased the quotation.

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