Review for Forever Feels Like Home

Forever Feels Like Home

(#) pixied_secrets 2007-02-23

i remember talking to you about how you were going to end 'I Remember' and trying to come up with ways to make you decide to just keep adding to it. let me say that this sequel was way better than what i had in mind.

i loved the beginning of this chapter. you showed us the good pete and izzy, and how much (despite everything) they love(d) each other. that was clever of you.

i love that izzy tries to convince herself she's over him, but her heart skips a beat when he's mentioned on tv.

i love that you track-backed to her relationship with patrick. "To be honest, Iz, I wish I knew how anyone could stop loving you," Patrick said looking at me sadly. sighs

and the end of this chapter made me fiend for the next. so thanks.

Author's response

Oh Crystal!!! This review has made me miss you way mucho! I love all the little points that you like to bring to my attention. You are overly phenomenal. Big DoJoe Smooches to my Pancho!