Review for Just Like My Favorite Scenes

Just Like My Favorite Scenes

(#) MyVengefulRomance 2007-02-25

I...I...searches for words OH MY GOD!!!! pounces and hugs I love you so much! You wrote me a zombie fic! YAY!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! This was amazing! Ohmigod! GERARDDIEDANDFRANKGOTHITBYATURCK!!!!!! shrieks Okay, to repay you for this...this AMAZING fic...give me an author's response and tell me what kind of a fic you want me to write just for YOU! It's the least I can do. This story was just filled with awesome. FILLED WITH AWESOME!!!! So, yeah. What kind of a fic do ya want, and I'll write it. Really, I will.

gigglesnort AK-47 girl...I love that so much...

Author's response

Well thank you! And I love calling you by that nickname just as much as you love it being your title.

You don't need to pay me back for this! It was a present for being such a wonderful reviewer! Really, it's fine. I enjoy the stories you do now, so it's fair :)
Thanks again for the review. I've been waiting impatiently for it, lol. Loved it.