Review for Falter


(#) GwenMerlon 2007-02-28


That certain someone sounds like a total bitch... making you update at 3:30 in the AM. Geez. I wouldn't put up with that if I were you...

And OMG! Joe always inturrupts! Always, right when it starts to get good. Seriously. He aparently needs a hobby or something to keep out of everyone else's love life. lol. (Same with Pete, but at least in this story he is behaving himself... at least to an extent)

Yay! Gwen is coming along! But why? Hmmm... still seems a little sketchy if you ask me. And Oliver was a total jerk, making her cary her bags out to the bus in the rain. A good bf would have offered before they even got out of the car. lol.

Okay, well, like you said, it's like, 4 AM now and my mind is completely shot. But I loved it! And I seriously cannot wait for more! More Patrick and Peyton!!!! (I'll come back and re-read and possibly re-review when my mind is operating in a smoother manner.) Points!!!

Author's response

Damn that Joseph! What is wrong with him?! LOL yes Gwen is quite sketchy, I like her that way. Leaves more to the imagination I say. HAHA if you ever talk to that certain someone let them know that their not a bitch, they helped me get out of my procrastination stage lol