Review for What He Deserves

What He Deserves

(#) Entilzah 2007-02-28

Very moving and an excellent drabble.

It was a little confusing on who was holding whom where, but not enough to truly distract from the story.

Does he live, does he die? What happens next? Good questions, but probably best that there are no answers. Story is better that way.

As for the next one... I vote FF7, but that is mainly because I have extremely limited knowledge of the other. But let your muse take you!

Author's response

I was trying to convey a certain disorientation on Sasuke's part, so I let the details of their arms go a little fuzzy. In the story Sasuke and Naruto have just come out of battle (what battle is up to the reader's imagination), so he's kind of out of it. But maybe I could have made the existance of that disorientation a little clearer?