Review for Falter


(#) riaryder 2007-02-28

'Is this a sign of my impending doom or the end of something much bigger?'
Ah, that line there just made my day.

Crappy???? Are you kidding, lady. I don't know whether I found this mind bogglingly (??) intriguing or breath-holdingly(??) HOT!

"He knew he was going to fall, but what he did not know was how hard and how fast"
Yeah, that would be the hot part.
The anticipation is killing me. Great work. You know you be rated xx

Author's response

Lol, yes I had come up with the first line on my way to work when I was being followed by a hearst. haha I told my friends at work that its either my impending doom or something grand is about to I have yet to see either and lets hope for the later of the two LOL. And I lover the big words you used, and of course I love double meaning too ;D