Review for Of Sorcerers and Wizards

Of Sorcerers and Wizards

(#) Nautilus 2007-03-01

hey Serena, liked the story so far. there are places that require a little more explaination and the chapters need to be a bit longer, but overall, the story line is good and i hope to see more soon. look forward to what gin does, i normally don't read harry/ginny stories, but hope you can make me change my mind....

she seems to in love at time. and hope to see them build on a relationship.

anyway, congrats and look forward to more of this story and the others you have planned. any chance of them not being harry/ginny... any other girl would be good, especially on the the slytherins or luna.. congrats anyway...

Author's response

Thank you, but yes this will be a H/G story. I started writing that pairing before even thinking of going off of canon pairings. I am trying to tone down the H/G romance in this one, she will not be a typical love blinded zombie nor will Harry. Hate those stories. I am working on another story that will not include the norm pairings right now. A bit newer and with some differint ideas than my other stories.