Review for Moonlight And Laughter

Moonlight And Laughter

(#) Elvenfixation 2006-05-22

I really loved this story. Beautifully written.

Just one little thing, where it says, /“Legolas was a great boy of eleven years, yet he could not help but shiver just a little at the mention of their Enemy,”/...I don't if it's a typo, but shouldn't it read "brave boy?"

Anyway, great work.

Author's response

Belated thanx for reading and reviewing! I'm glad you liked my multi-age history-into-bedtime story tale.

No, "great boy" is not a typo for "brave boy", it is a somewhat archaic way of saying a boy is big and strong and not a small child. Saying that someone is "a great boy of eleven", or "twelve" or "ten" implies that the boy in question is leaving the domain of childhood, either physically or mentally - or at least he, or someone who describes him as such, desires him to do so. Strangely, I haven't heard the term applied to girl-children.