Review for Harry Potter and the Quest for Pieces

Harry Potter and the Quest for Pieces

(#) DavidMPotter 2007-03-02

That was bloody brilliant. I wish we could find out that albut dumbledork put a curse on Harry to limit the power he could acess and it is decaying since his death. I look forward to the great snorkack hunt!!

Author's response

Thanks for your review. While I like that idea, I want to try and stay original to my ideas and I've seen that done before on both Harry and Neville in the same story. Harry's always shown great amounts of power in the canon stories in the form of wild/wandless magic, i.e. apparated on top of his school while Dudley and gang were chasing him, regrew his hair overnight after his aunt gave him a particularly bad hair cut, blew up aunt Marge, destroyed Dumbledore's office. So to have his powers bound, while interesting in theory and made a interesting story elsewhere, I find it to be unrealistic considering his obvious displays of raw power in canon. I also look forward to the hunt.

Geovanni Luciano