Review for Harry Potter and the Quest for Pieces

Harry Potter and the Quest for Pieces

(#) sweetgirl 2007-03-02

another great chapter. You have raised some very good points about Harry's life that needs answers? One problem that Harry noticed in this chapter is why he never asked questions about things in his life. I loved you pointing out things about the Fidelius. Now I am going a little further and raised a point that you might have missed with this theory. Now if Dumbledore performed it, Peter was the secret keeper, where did Sirius fit in. He knew the most about what was going on because he suggested they use Peter, so he would have to have known who performed the charm. So why did Sirius never say anything about Dumbledore? I mean if he knew Dumbledore performed it, then Sirius must have realised that Dumbledore left him to rot in Azkaban all those years. Why didn't he say something?
Also, nice cliff hanger, can't wait for that explosion between the Weasley's and Harry about what Ginny did. I hope you really stick it to her. You never sais what Harry had decied to do concerning Ginny. I think whe really needs to be punished. Think about her first year. She let the basilik loose on the school. Even though she was posessed, that doesn't excused the fact she knew it was wrong to have that diary in the first place. Her father had warned her for years against objects like that, and yet she kept it and used it anyway. After everything no punishement, so I think she should get punished this time.

Author's response

Thank you for your review. I especially appreciate reviews like this because of the attention to detail in which they are written. As far as punishing Ginny goes, however, I don't really think that is going to be necessary. Here are a couple of questions about Ginny. What did Ginny do wrong? She used Amortentia on Harry to use him for a bit of snogging. Her intent was to have him love her, and while under the influence of the love potion, he certainly did, albeit against his will or personal intentions. Now that he is no longer under it's affects, does he love her? No. Does she think that she is in love with him, still? Yes. Will she have him? No. So I'd say that the punishment is already in place. Wouldn't you agree? I think I'll leave the truly gruesome punishments for my other story and try to make this one just a little bit more down to earth. She'll be mad she'll rant and rave. I'm basing Harry and Luna's advancing relationship in this story on the pretense that they are picking up where things left off after their one date and the fact that deep down Harry really likes Luna because she's a good person and see's Harry the boy, not the boy-who-lived. Please continue to read and review in this detail.

Geovanni Luciano