Review for Family Issue

Family Issue

(#) koppe 2007-03-03

So far so good, though I must admit I'm starting to itch for the upcomming assult and rescue to take place (it's been a long time comming).
I really hope Belle, Marie and Harry manage to find a way to stay together and perhaps formalize their relationship.
The scene with the drinks was great fun, and the pillow-talk and oath was moving - though I hope Harry doesn't drift away (and manage to patch things up) with Hermione and Ron... although they'll undoubtfully will have "issues" with Bella, Marie and Harry's daughter. When it comes the Durselys, I hope Harry present them to his wifes (getting a bit ahead of myself) and daughter (and perhaps Ron and Hermione), and let them (especially Belle) have a "talk" to them.
I'm also very much wondering how Ron, Hermione and his other friends will react to him getting a daughter - not to mention his girlfriends.
Speaking of friends, will Hermione and Ron be involved in the final show-down with Voldemort (not necesserely the rescue though)?
Even if you end the story before, I hope there will be sequels about Alexis growing-up and going to Hogwarts.
On a general note, your writing has greatly improved from the first chapters which I found somewhat disorganized. I still find the "army-speak" a bit hard to interpert, and would have prefered it to be slightly more... well, English. Finally, I hope there will be some more smut-scenes soon.
Keep up the great work.

Author's response

Wow, as always, thank you for reading and your exhaustive review, I appreciate the amount of work you put in to it, truly. There will be a showdown, it will involve all of the principles and it'll happen before the end of summer, we hope to have Belle out of there very soon. I would like to see Alexis going to a school of witchcraft and wizardry, but it may not be Hogwarts. The future is not written in stone. . .
(Cryptic enough for ya?)