Review for Harry Potter and the Quest for Pieces

Harry Potter and the Quest for Pieces

(#) jbstarnes1 2007-03-04

"Author's Response: Yes, I agree, your words are cynical and you're a load mummy should have swallowed. Thanks for your words of encouragement."

Well met. Obviously I can't possibly stand against such intellectualism and insight. This battle of wits is at an end.

Author's response

And your comments are absolutely useless. you read a story and provide no insight. Again, I say mummy should have swallowed, or the fates should have seen fit to allow you te decency to dribble down her leg. It's funny that I clicked on your name and there wasn't anything there that you have written, now why is that? I would venture to guess a lack of courage, one, and a complete and utter lack of talent. I'd also venture to guess that there would not be alot of reviews to see your efforts in allowing Spot to sit, or allowing Spot to run. I understand you're bored. Find something else to do besides waiting my time with your four sentence retort. Now, before you argue, as I'm sure you will. Well met, doesn't really count, now does it? Lastly, fuck off.

Geovanni Luciano