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Emos Wear White

(#) MCR_dynamite 2007-03-07

Wow, that's deep. I love My chem and the band members and not the people that you were describing in the fic, well, it's more fact than fic. I'm constantly around people who ridicule others because they are emo. It's wrong. Good for you to speak up for the quiet ones, good for Gerard, and Frankie, Mikey, Ray and Bob for creating that life-changing music. I feel as if they saved my life, I've never been suicidal, but they saved my LIFE, y'know? MCR are one of the best things that have ever happened in my life and I'm sure others agree, emo or not. It shouldn't matter what people wear, or listen to, or look like. I hope that this story shows people that. I really do. Very well written.

Author's response

Thanks, and I know what you mean. I actually just got back from their concert, and it was incredible. Gerard was saying, "There's a lot of people saying you guys are a deathcult. We don't think you look like a deathcult, do you feel like a deathcult? And we've never tried to make you guys hurt yourselves, have we? (we all shouted NO) I didn't think so. All we've ever said is for you to be yourselves." And it's very true.