Review for Mama, I'm Scared

Mama, I'm Scared

(#) MyVengefulRomance 2007-03-07

I'm gonna cry. sniffles No, really. I'm gonna cry. bites lip This was so sad...oh, but so well written. So gorgeous and descriptive. And I don't normally use the word 'gorgeous' to describe a story. This was great. I love broken Gerard. You did a great job, hunny.

And I agree. I refuse to go to funerals. They scare the living (no pun intended) shit out of me. I only go to funerals of those very close to me. (Thankfully, there hasn't been a lot.) They just freak me out and make me more depressed than I need to be at this point in my life. shrugs

But great job. I'll shut up now. No, REALLY.