Review for Turn me on to the Black parade

Turn me on to the Black parade

(#) jennieman 2007-03-10

Dude! That was awesome! I'm choking up, inspiring. Glad I could help ;). That whole witch bit was totally awesome, btw, but how! How could you leave us with a cliffy like that?! I need smut! Lots and lots of smut! lmao so you better damn well put lots of it in Jay's chapter, or else. (Or else what, I don't know, but it sounds threatening, ne?) So anywhoo....great job, I love reading your work, and am sooooo looking forward to the ones to come.

Hugs! jenniman

Author's response

Hmmm "How?" you say.... mwahahahah it's my evil genius side coming outta the closet!!!! lmao I just HAD to leave a cliffy.... otherwise Jay's story wouldn't be, well better I guess!!! (",) (as you most prolly can see this one really didn't wanna come to me.... I had to drag it out, kicking and screaming!!!)Hey and don't worry about the smut, cuz just a heads up, Jay's one will be filled with smutty goodness!!! lmao so hopefully I'll get the next one up sometime in this following week!!! Luv ya and thanks for the awesome review!!! love Honey.