Review for Harry Potter and the Quest for Pieces

Harry Potter and the Quest for Pieces

(#) mathiasgranger 2007-03-11

Unfortunately, I could see Hermione going this way after how callous she acted at times in HBP.

That being said I don't think she is as shallow as you portrayed her here or as JKR portrayed her in HBP. Hormones can only explain so much, and lets be honest who would fight over Ron with half a brain? He'd need to have a 20 inch piece for all the good he often is in the books.

I like Luna, and aside from H/Hr I like a good H/Lu fic as much as anyone else does. I look forward to seeing how you flesh out Ron and Hermione all the while giving Harry new allies.

Thanks for writing,

Author's response

I think that alot of people hated HBP and was probably due most that Harry and Ginny got paired together, but it was rather obvious that the story was heading that way. I think that alot people forget just how angry Harry was in OOTP as well, and this usually resulted in Hermione in tears. I do like the idea of Harry and Hermione as a couple more so than I like Ron and Hermione together because frankly I find the pair, as a couple, to be about as volatile as nitroglycerine in my trunk on a bumpy road. Thanks for reading, I'll keep writing.