Review for Luna's Hubby

Luna's Hubby

(#) pdkirke 2007-03-12

I was wondering what you'd do with Hermione. I like having Draco and Neville save her. I also like her figuring out they could transfer and doing so. That makes me think (hope!) you won't be pairing her with Ron. Neville or your version of Draco would be fine. Not that I have any say in the matter of course.

"But it's such a big school. We were thinking about a smaller school, with more personal time from the teacher. The Poppins Institute looks really good, and they specialize in household charms."

Cracked me right up. I read Rorshack's story about Mary taking Harry away from the Dursleys. Brilliant stuff, that. I'd like to believe there is a Poppins Institute.