Review for Anatomy


(#) MyVengefulRomance 2007-03-12

eye twitch Ohmigee. I I don't know what to say. Oh my. Oh my. I looked at Lincoln's pic, and he IS hot. grins Mate? Oh, hell yeah. Slyvia's his mate. (Just in case peeps check this page. I don't want to give away who she is.) I shrieked when she walked into the scene. No, I really did. I ran to the other and yelled, "OH MY GOD!!!! I'M A VAMPIRE!!!!!!" My sister stared at me. I ignored her and did a happy dance 'cause I'm cool like that. laughs I thought that you were gonna turn Gee and that scared me. Don't do that! Oh, and I listened to 'The City Sleeps in Flames' by Scary Kids Scaring Kids during the vampire part of this. That really freaked me out 'cause it kinda fit together. ANYway, this is great. starts to cry I don't want it to be over, though. But, UPDATE!!!! I'll shut up now. BYE!!!!

Author's response

Yes, let's all lust over Lincoln for a moment... ... ... haha, my friend that wrote the poem? She's totally in love with him. She tells me everyday what a wonderful ending it would be if everyone was turned and Lincoln ruled the world. HA. Right. Where's the angst in that.