Review for Luna's Hubby

Luna's Hubby

(#) pdkirke 2007-03-12

One slight quibble before I get to the review. It's "corporeal Patronus" not corporate Patronus. Not a big thing, but you might want to fix it if you can. The formatting was also weird on part of this chapter, with the first few words of a paragraph on a line separate from the rest.

On to the good stuff: I love what you've done with Trixie. A jaguar rather than a lion, eh? More fitting I think. And her conversations with Cissy, Andy, and Sirius were quite enlightening. I hope Luna and Harry really are with Neville if and when she attacks him.

I liked your use of the vase or whatever isn't noticable in the North Tower. Poor Aunt Sybill. I like her being Larry's sister. I also like Harry learning wand making from Uncle Ollie.

The destruction of the horcruxes is going nicely. I appreciate the way you had Parsletongue/Reptile language become learnable so Professor Flitwick could help them with it.