Review for Hermione Granger: Recovery and Resolve

Hermione Granger: Recovery and Resolve

(#) BJH 2007-03-13

Wow, this is a really nice set of insights into Hermione. Your take on what she might have been thinking after OotP is both enjoyable to read and interesting to think about. I wonder how or if you will weave this into the events of HBP or keep it seperate. I find it hard to imagine integrating it into canon given Hermione's actions towards Harry in the sixth book. I can see it with Ron, her deciding to give a relationship with him a chance and him being a total ass. However, her actions towards Harry in HBP seem to lack any of the insights she is having in this chapter.

So how long will this story be, just a summer piece revolving mostly around Hermione, or will it continue through their sixth year and involve the whole cast?

BJH (who needs to get back to his own story)

Author's response

As you saw, this was a one shot think piece. I think that it shows the start of Hermione's obsession with Ron (let's face it, if a fan-fic writer had Hermione mooning over Ron, cheating for him at the Quidditch trials, and semi-dating a new character to make Ron jealous, we would have been flamed!). Hermione let Harry down in part because of her infatuation with Ron and in part because Harry was showing her up using the Prince's notes.