Review for A Little More Touch Me

A Little More Touch Me

(#) Tawney 2007-03-15

Aw Megan finally get a happy thanksgiving! I loved this chapter, you made Joe's family so believable and personable.

Also the talk between Megan and Joe's mum was really great, you really got it spot on.

I love Joe in this fic, he always makes me smile! However is it odd that i kind of want Joe to do some manly fighting to stick up for his gal?! Haha sorry this line just made me go off on a tangent! ("If he's anything like his father, that will only make Joe fight harder,")

I love you for updating this! Have a point! XX

Author's response

I love mnaly Joe, too. Sigh. The upcoming chapters will hopefully make you happy, because it's all getting a little nice-nice in there.
And I love you for reviewing this, you wee smasher, you xx