Review for Quiet Time

Quiet Time

(#) Pheonee 2006-05-29

You know, this is one of my favourite stories. Very subtle approach to the fact that he has a grade AAA crush on her and she is oblivious ;) It's one of the few things I don't like about Atlanta, apart from the fact that she's cocky and overcompetitive, she won't notice that big a crush on her, not even when it's just staring her in the face!! :o

Author's response

haha, thank you. That's basically one of the main points I was going for with this story, that Archie and Atlanta CAN get together in fanfictions, like how a lot of peopl have them falling in love and everything, but in 'reality', they aren't. I was trying to show that we can still have nice moments with them, even if it's not an 'I LIKE-like you' ...I just don't believe in love at their/our age. Thank you very much for the review