Review for Awake in a Dream

Awake in a Dream

(#) princessofoyownworld 2006-05-29

is on knees Please Please Please update!!! Im begging you!!!
Hey!!! Paige's friends here!!! (yeah, she is making popcorn... so we kidnapped the computer)SHE DOES NOT BEG!!! We have never seen what ever show this is about, but it was an amazing story!!! You honesly have to become an author, to get Paige to beg you HAVE to something amazing ( talent, or whatever.) She is so picky and hard headed. (No sireously, if the biulding she was standing in caught fire and the sprinlers were on and fire bells were ringing she would havw to touch the flames to belive they were real. Trust me we have tested this therory.) Amazing Jo

Author's response

Princessofyownworld: I really will try to update for you. I will! I have a lot to do today but I will have it up on Tuesday.
Friends: Thanks so much for the compliment! I to am hardheaded... though I don't think I would stick my hands into a fire. Thanks again -Nuuoa Eclaire/Soleilah