Review for Harry Potter and the Quest for Pieces

Harry Potter and the Quest for Pieces

(#) mathiasgranger 2007-03-24

Good I can accept the Hermione situation...but I can't see the whole forgiveness for the weselbees thing. I say sod the Weasleys aside from the twins. potions are like date rape drugs...I mean how can you forgive that?

The Weasleys all are a bunch of overinflated characters, aren't they? What substance do they really have as people from what we know in the books?

I don't think a love potion was used in HBP, but thats not to say that it cant be used to explain behavior during that time.

Harry and Hermione do have a special friendship, and yes Harry was angry in OOTP and Hermione was a convenient target. But unlike Harry, Ron always fought with her for no real reason, which is not exactly the sign of romance in my eyes.

Dumbledore did always seem to have divided reasoning, and I think Snape was his insurance policy against Harry.

Thanks for writing,

Author's response

You know, in regards to Hermione and Ron's arguments in canon, I've always found them to be completely baseless and needless and done, by Ron, to be a bit mean spirited towards her. In addition, always ending with, "She's bloody mental, that one," or "A complete menace, I'm telling you." Never having a valid point in his arguments and always bickering. Harry's arguments with Hermione always came with points and counterpoints.

I think that Snape was completely on his own side and the slight delay was there only because after 16-17 years he finally had to make a choice and make a stand. I don't think that there will be really anything more than that to it and I think that for my book you'll see where the errogance truly lies.