Review for Harry Potter and the Quest for Pieces

Harry Potter and the Quest for Pieces

(#) sweetgirl 2007-03-24

I love how in each chapter, you show what is going on in a certain characters mind. It is like you are showing the reason behind their actions. Beacuse in this last book, all of the characters were all over the place and their behaviors did not make sense, and it is like you are trying to put a reasonable spin to it. I appauld your efforts. I can't stand HBP and I fear where this last one is going. as far as your chapter go, yay for Hermione and Luna. Luna for standing up and saying what needed to be said about Hermione's behavior and Hermione for giving Ron a black eye. When you look at Ron and Hermione's friendship over the years, you would see that Ron barely says a nice thing about, starts fights with her all the time, and does respect her beliefs or her at all. So, why after all this they decide that they are in love with each other? It never has made sense to me. As far as Harry and Hermione realtionship goes, even though she was justified, Luna was a little hard on Hermione in my opinion. Even though she was a cunt ot Harry, still she stood by Harry's side for five years faithfully. Especially in fourth year. She usually has his best interest in mind.
Now that I said that, I think forgivness is something Ron and Ginny should earn. They both broke the trust of people they are suppose to care about, and it should carry some reprcussions to it. Personally, I think the trio's friendship has run its course and Harry and Hermione should drop Ron, he dead weight anyway. He rarely contributes anything, and distract Harry and Hermione from completing their goals. He holds them back. New friends are exactly what they need. Also will Hermione have a reationship with someone? I think she needs to be someone who can appricate her.