Review for Bungle in the Jungle: A Harry Potter Adventure

Bungle in the Jungle: A Harry Potter Adventure

(#) Alatoic01 2007-03-24

So glad Bill is not dead!!, sad that it was thundercloud, I just hope you let some of the group alive(beside Harry), and I still will like to see De Soto get out of the city and help Harry.

Specially now that we see that Harry have the raw power to fight a dark lord but need the knowlege to do it with more skill and less luck.

The letters from Dumledore are convincing, at least seem he is not a evil bastard, just manipulative and foolish thinking he can control and know everything. I wonder (and hope to know)what Harry's "friends" are thinking and if Hermione is not regreting changing Harry for a cheating one side-minded boyfriend and a position Dumbeldore will not be capable to truly give her with out a lot of political consequences. By the way why did Luna have not answer it?

Hope to read next chapter soon and lets see how they defeat the Deamon(craft more than strenght I supose right?)
Sorry the long review but is a lot to think and comment in this story.


Author's response

I never mind a long review. Sorry my reply is so late in coming, but you'll be pleased to know that chapter 22 is with the beta for final review and the battle hopefully is epic.

Luna turns up in the last chapter. The other answers will most likely wait until the sequel. ~Jim