Review for Bleeding Through

Bleeding Through

(#) fyre_byrd 2005-06-29

Hojo's aloofness from the people on the train as he leaves the Shin-Ra building. His cold analytical point of view as he examines the other workers and his careful analysis of how and when he should kill himself area all chillingly realistic.

Even though one sometimes imagines suicide as the result of an excess of emotion, Hojo is clearly contemplating it because of a lack of emotion, some kind of vaccuum, even though he is so particular not to kill himself in the bed, there seems to be no emotional reason for this.

The sentence fragments you write are all that you allow him by way of a break down: "Her blood on his hands. Her blood on his hands. Her blood on his hands. His fingers around the trigger."

When he finally has an outburst against Vincent it is almost like it is happening to someone else. The one-step remove from emotion in this story is an excellent way of depicting Hojo's collapse.