Review for Resurrection III: Stolen Fayth

Resurrection III: Stolen Fayth

(#) fyre_byrd 2006-06-01

I really enjoy the idea that Wakka tries to be all gentlemanly about helping Rikku because she is actually better than he is so he needs to save face.

I love how Lulu totally snaps at Auron. I enjoy her with a snappy temper.

I like the description of the hail of bullets and how much more dire you make it seem than it is in the game.

Poor Yuna still being hunted down to be returned to her undead hubby.

All of this is very interesting - the additional pleas and threats of the warrior monks and guado, Lulu's summoning of Yojimbo (did I get that right?) and the way that Yuna feels ambivalent about her betrayal of Yevon and the many people she has had to kill to escape from its clutches.

I love the way that Lulu has such a difficult time consoling Yuna because of her memories of Chappu.

I also really enjoyed Lulu's ploy to get Auron away from Yuna's sending and the way she was so relieved to see him still intact when it was all over. Poor Lulu has many many things on her mind.

Author's response

Thank you as always for thoughtful feedback! These chapters are proving a little difficult for me-- I should really map out a whole story first, instead of setting up a painful situation and then attempting to write my way out of it. :)

One point of clarification: Lulu didn't actually summon Yojimbo, she just named him as a coded suggestion to Yuna. I'm assuming the slight delay between when Lulu started dropping monks with the fury-spell and when Yojimbo appeared was Yuna setting up the Summons.