(#) Theresa599 2007-03-29

"A life can end so easily. When hope dissipates in such a way you wonder if it
was there to begin with. When everything to live for seems to be gone. Instead
of shrinking your black abyss only grows larger. When the days go by so slowly
yet pass as a blur.

Yet one thing shall always remain. Friends. True ones. Something you can
always depend on. Always there no matter what the fight. Strong. The inner
strength that propels them forward is endless. Instead of a pot of gold they're
a smiling face at the end of the rainbow. Together, anything is possible. For
friends are always there for you. Forever and ever. Believe.

For nothing stays the same forever. Life is a bumpy path. Something can't
remain untouched, nothing can always be good, yet nothing can stay bad either.
The trying trek uphill can seem never ending, but eventually things have to fall
back down. Look hard enough, and the light is always somewhere, no matter how
long it takes to find. Nothing is at loss forever. Yet one thing is always
steady. Friends. Friends and Life, they go together. Forever and Ever."

I didn't mean to delete it. It somehow ended up in my unk mail folder and since I was grounded from the computer it sat there for 5 days and it deleted i never know what goes in my junk mail when it deletes it.