Review for ***I'd Do Anything For Love.

***I'd Do Anything For Love.

(#) MCR_dynamite 2007-03-30

It's well worth the wait! Holiday? Cool! Where abouts is it?

Love the story! Love you! Love Gee n Frankie! hugs Gee n Frankie, looking at Laura, still not dropping the hugging thing

kisses the boys on BOTH kinds of cheeks!

OMG! Is that Marley's number? They went after Frankie, didn't they? They said that they would go through all of the band members to get to Bob (I think...)!

If they touch my Frankie-boy I'll erm, hug the MCR boys to make THEM jealous! MWUHAHAHA! I know, I'm evil, right? >:D

ALL PRAISE THE PLUMBER! Can I hear an 'Amen'?

Lol, I know I've said this like, twenty tiimes, but I fucking love this story!!!

Author's response

AMEN sista'-lol!!!!! cough, yeah anyways; kisses the boys on both kinds of cheeks TWICE Ha! insane giggle I love that you love the story, love you, love Gee and Frankie!...don't worry, he won't be in too much pain evil laugh :)