Review for Rock The Cradle of Love

Rock The Cradle of Love

(#) luckysgc921 2007-04-01

damn you woman!
with your cliffhang-edness.
Jocelyn is officially my favorite fanfic character ever. just for the record. "we shoulda just let him starve" HA! Peter wishes he was as witty as Jocelyn.
I can sympathize with Jeremey though. I used to get pissed at my mom for the new boyfriends. and that age if she had brought home thinks Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes I probably wouldn't have been all too happy with her either. (But at least Chris is more then 10 years older then I am)
I heart the cupcake. but you knew that.
i heart you. but I think you knew that too.

(umm...more please? and Addicts?)

Author's response

Pete wishes he was a three year old girl...I mean...who knows what I mean. I think you'd be pretty psyched if your mom brought home Chris fucking Robinson. I know I would be. I'd be like "Mother, go up stairs and spawn some musical geniuses. Right now." But that's another story entirely. And keep your pants on, I'm working on an Addict update, love. :)