Review for Rock The Cradle of Love

Rock The Cradle of Love

(#) whatkatydid 2007-04-01

" felt like I was somehow marooned on a stagnant island, left to shrink in the distance as my peers sailed on to the next level of adulthood. " OK - WOW? That was amazing!

I loved this chapter Kyle, the food, the convo's, the kids, the sexiness....I'm so enjoying reading this, every single word, I lie not.

I love how each chapter is little cliffhanger that you dangle me over. Until your next chappie, I'm just gonna hang out here on this cliff top and wait to die....



Author's response

I love pirate analogies and I felt that this story needed one. Now, I think you're being slightly dramatic. I won't let you die on my literary cliff. Bring some sandwiches, a couple of capri suns, and some sunblock and you'll be fine. Just don't jump or anything.