Review for The End of My Story

The End of My Story

(#) facia 2007-04-09

I really like your Mewtwo. Not sure if I quite get it - he's the mysterious narrator? - but the idea of Mewtwo finally not being so emo is pretty different and makes sense at the same time, and the dialogue is very natural, telling without being too obvious about it.

Author's response

Yes, Mewtwo as the narrator was the goal I wrote with--my inspiratin for the fic was the voice actor that Mewtwo and the narrator have in common, and some dialog in an early episode in which Misty and the narrator argue. The whimsical, affectionate tone in the narrator's voice in the opening of Mewtwo Strikes Back didn't help. =D Anyway, thanks for your commentary! I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner... my e-mail keeps eating my review notifications.