Review for Rock The Cradle of Love

Rock The Cradle of Love

(#) pixied_secrets 2007-04-09

couple of things i loved:

"I thought there was going to be a bear suit involved." I laughed.

"Not until the forth date. I'm no hussy." / hussy...hahaha. i almost forgot that word existed. thank you.

2.)so they're exclusive but he hasn't mentioned to her that he may be fathering a child? he is a hussy.

3.)/"How did you feel when your mom brought home some new guy?" I felt angry, betrayed...

"Shit."/ perfect. there was no better way to do that. god, you are amazing. i'm sorry... i meant, GodKyle

4.)/"I think that went well. What do you think?" She shrugged at my question.

"We shoulda just let him starve." Amen to that. / i loved it.

you are GodKyle.

Author's response

Woman! Where have you been? I forgive you only because I miss you terribly. That didn't make much sense, but when do I ever make sense? Love your lists and the fact that you refer to me as my alter-ego. Sadly, it didn't catch on here in Pennsylvania. Get your butt on AIM one of these days, Pancho.