Review for Forever Feels Like Home

Forever Feels Like Home

(#) pixied_secrets 2007-04-09

they won't let me rate you. you're just too hot for this rater, nizard.


1.)i love how izzy gets so pissed about JB using violence. it shows that she's not completely over her past, and although she's buried it rather deep, it's still there.

2.) JB is such a good guy. why did she sleep with pete? damn her. JB is soooo much better.

3.)/"Why are you always the one to come save me?" I asked enjoying the feeling of his body next to mine.

"Pete doesn't know what he's missing," Patrick said and kissed the back of my head./ are you kidding me? can you say "perfect"?

4.)okay. i'm in this story and i have ice cream. i don't think i've ever smiled wider in my life. i love katy in this story, by the way.

alright. i have to go now. grr. i will hopefully get back to this tomorrow.

i miss you, nizard!

Author's response

I find it more than amusing that people are falling for JB. I feel like I should add some pictures of him, so they can get the full affect of this boy. Swoonage for shizzo. And I thought to myself that this story needed something more and you two girls were just the thing! Thanks for the inspiration of having such wonderful friends. You girls are wonderful!
Smooches from the Nizzard (Ninja/Wizzard) DOJoe :)