Review for Snippets of a Life

Snippets of a Life

(#) sazzlette 2006-06-05

I'll start with the criticisms, and then move onto the good.

There are a couple of mistakes: "I would feel different if there was anyone you hated here,"

Should be: "It would feel different ..."

And: "They only grow during the last few weeks of fall"

Fall is an Americanism, it should be Autumn :)

"I'd like to help people notice the things the"

Should be a y on the end of the.

"And... my mom and dad too, I bet."

Mom is an Americanism. We use 'Mum'.

Now. I really enjoyed this story, it's lovely and gentle and very enjoyable. Luna's characterisation is very endearing, and I really like the moment they share under the tree at the end - so like the end of OotP. I also like the way you've weaved this into book six canon. Luna's views on commentating were brilliant :D