Review for ***I'd Do Anything For Love.

***I'd Do Anything For Love.

(#) MCR_dynamite 2007-04-10

It was worth the agonisingly long wait glares at you and starts off the whole MCR hugging thing again just kidding (about the agonisingly long wait, oh, yeah... AND the huggung I guess...)!

I fucking love this story! Poor Mikey!Pissed himself AGAIN? Wow, you REALLY hate Mikes, do you? Lol, nah, joking, how can ANYONE hate Mikey, really?

Well, I'm pretty confused, so the faster you update, the better. hint hint, wink wink

Love this story, how do you write so goddamned good?!? You should try to get something published, I'D buy it!!! Really! ~Jess XxX (My new inter-autograph!)

Author's response

lol- cool! :) Yeah, you're right; I could never hate any of the peeps in MCR!! ...i write the whole 'Mikey pissing himself' stuff with affection-lol...bizarre affection, but affection all the same! :) I'm seriously glad you still like it, it means a lot!...get something published? ha! Pigs will fly first!.....imagine if pigs could fly. That would be gross; it's bad enough when BIRDS go to the toilet on your head...:)