Review for ***I'd Do Anything For Love.

***I'd Do Anything For Love.

(#) haleyxhomicide 2007-04-10

"I'm not afraid of the dark, I'm not afraid of the dark, I'm not afraid of the dark..." - that so reminded me of me when I walk out of the bathroom at night after my shower and slowly and causiously walk down the hall, clenching my towel around my body, saying that to myself over and over again.
I know how the poor guy feels.
I hate the dark and I'm scared shitless of it.
I've cried from it too, but then again I've cried because I saw a spider once.
I'm a baby, but you're a genuis.

Author's response

I'm TERRIFIED of the dark! Well, not so much just the dark as apposed to when i'm in a big space and it's dark. i always think there's something hiding in the corner or summit shrugs I'm silly....:) I'm a genius? I think the fact that, only moments before writing this, i walked into my door kind of proves that wrong-lol :) But thanks anyhoo!!!!